[REVIEW] Eagle Eye

July 13, 2009 at 7:32 pm Leave a comment

Title: Eagle Eye
Media: Movie
Primary Subject: US Government

SPOILER WARNING: Do not read this review if you care about keeping the ridiculous plot of this movie a secret.

This was a pretty awful movie but at least helps to prove that you can find educational content just about anywhere. The movie is not classroom appropriate due to plenty of bad language. The violence is mostly of the off-screen variety but it is fairly intense at points as well.

Motivational Potential:
I’m willing to guess many kids will have seen the movie. It was targeted at the 15-30 market in my opinion and did fairly well in theaters. Setting up a scenario to discuss the various government issues in the film would certainly be interesting to kids.

Educational Potential:
Without spoiling too much the movie revolves around eliminating the chain of succession in the US government down to just one in the chain who is acceptable to the movie’s villain. The film never explains that is what is happening except to say “You will be the next president” at one point. It would require some background to know what was going on. There is also a short scene with a partial reading of the Preamble to the Constitution that is pretty cool in terms of how it is animated. There are equally minor references to the Constitution’s discussion of power.

The movie, however, doesn’t do anything to teach what these things are. It does, however, at least paint a picture of why we have a chain of succession and what the Constitution, taken to the extreme, might mean.

I didn’t expect to find anything educational in this movie when I plopped down to watch it this morning but there it was. If I taught U.S. government and if I felt that chain of succession was something worth teaching I think I’d take the time to edit the film’s ending sequence to show at least that (as most of the references are found here.) I think I will use the Preamble scene for US history as it is already. Again, it was really not a good movie but I think kids, who don’t tend to over-think (or think at all…) during movies would be plenty motivated by it.


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