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Teaching with media

Those of you who have been to know that my philosophy on education is that motivation is key. I believe a motivated student is a successful student almost every time.

On you can find some information about the media I use to keep my students motivated.  My goal with this section of the site is to provide many more ideas on using popular media in the classroom.  I will include reviews of whatever I come across that I think can fit into the classroom.

I’ll rate media using the following categories:

-Motivational Potential: How will students react to this media? A 1 rating here indicates “might as well be a textbook” whereas a 5 rating indicates “might as well be an Xbox.”

-Educational Potential: What is the educational component of this media and how much do you get out of versus the time it runs? A 1 rating in this category would indicate only a minor, passing educational reference (if it had none it wouldn’t be on the site) that many students may not even get, a 5 would indcate documentary-level education.  I will also comment on the classroom-appropriateness of the media here.

My background is in history so that will be the focus of the site but any educational content I come across in media will be shared.

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10 Latest Media Finds

  • Sorry I missed tonight. Was busy onboarding parents at back to school night! Eager to look through the chat. #games4ed 48 minutes ago
  • A4) Also love showing the opening of Now You See Me to show how fun it can be to fail to understand something. #xplap 2 days ago
  • I have a student in a wheelchair with limited movement this year. Would love game ideas to include her if anyone has them. #xplap 2 days ago
  • A4) Choice. Choice. Choice. Doesn't hurt to fail when it was on something you chose to do. #xplap 2 days ago
  • A3) Gamification helps. Our weekly bonus game vs. the other periods keeps my kids excitedly working together all year long. #xplap 2 days ago
  • A2) Helium Sticks are amazing fun. Great for problem solving. #xplap 2 days ago
  • A4) Letting them investigate (and sit in) your car on day 1 goes a long way. #learnlap 3 days ago
  • Nearly finished with a game/sim for the Fall of Rome. Would love some input as I wrap it up.…… 5 days ago


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